CoreTechs Pro, llc was born to support our VMS clients.

We understood that working with top level VMS accounts takes a specific focus and understanding of two clients, the VMS Company and the VMS’s client company.


The traditional recruiting model does not work when supporting this system. We have found through years of experience that a traditional staffing firm will fail to support the VMS client’s metrics. In order to become a successful partner and support the VMS end client, we took a different approach.


CoreTechs Pro employs two internal teams of recruiters that work in concert to support VMS.


Our CoreTechs India and Philippines recruitment teams receive the job reqs from VMS and begins sourcing specific candidates within 10 minutes of req receipt. Once confirming several candidates that fit req skillset and parameters, they then submit the candidates to our Senior, US based recruiting team.


Our US based recruitment team puts the final touches on the candidates, by ensuring an accurate skill set fit, a pay fit and the candidates interest in the position. Once confirmed, the candidates are moved to our VMS admin team.


Each of our VMS accounts are assigned an admin that is trained in the specific system. They are adept and entering candidates, responding to questions and requests through that system. They also notify our US recruitment team when a request for interview is placed. Finally they ensure all procedures of that client are performed accurately and on time.


Our focus is to ensure our VMS client, remains the VMS of their end client!